1st aid

On the way to the license (car, motorcycle, scooter...)!

The Samaritan course is, in fact, the first step before obtaining a student driver's license. Learn the right actions and the best way to react in an emergency, whether on the road or in different everyday situations. This knowledge in your pocket allows you to save lives.

Awareness raising

You will soon be familiar with traffic vision, the environment, traffic dynamics and tactics. The awareness course teaches you to examine dangerous situations, to adopt responsible driving and above all to significantly reduce the rate of road accidents.

7pm-9pm (4x2h)under reservation of at least 6 participants (voucher not valid)


Samaritan + Awareness Pack


English lesson




2 phase course

Samaritan + Awareness Pack From theory to practice there is only one step. Validate your knowledge and become aware of your driving style during the 2 phase course. This is the last step before you obtain your final driver's license. Don't wait any longer, come and reinforce your knowledge and automatisms in terms of road safety.