The Samaritan course / first aid


Nov, 2019

First step towards driving: the Samaritan course / first aid


You have decided to take the driving test, a precious sesame.
You can now choose your routes, and enjoy the joy of driving a car!

Ready... Go fire! Be careful, however, driving is risky, but let's approach them with a light and safe heart. Let's move on together to the first step: the Samaritan course.
Specific in Switzerland, the Samaritan course is the first step to the ultimate sesame. It is mandatory for permits: scooter, motorcycle and car of course! How to react in case of an accident?

What are the saving actions? Which help to call first? All these questions will be answered during this first aid training.
This course is essential to your driver's licence learning and can save your life or the lives of others. This first training is mandatory for all those who wish to pass their driving licence. Without it, you will not be able to complete your driver's licence training. It will allow you to acquire the basics of first aid, and thus to leave confident on the road!

Attend this first aid training and a citizen's act as well as being an essential step in the driving license. The courses are presented in a fun and interactive way and allow you to better understand the most dangerous situations.
Good to know, this training is not only for people who want to get a driving licence. It can be followed by people who are curious, or who wish to update their knowledge.

The Samaritan course in practice

The duration of the course is spread over several days, from 2 to 4 depending on your availability. In all, you will be given a total of 10 hours. You can access this training from the age of 12, without prior knowledge. Comfortable clothing is recommended for this training, which contains practical exercises. At the end of the Samaritan courses, you will obtain a first aid certificate. It is valid for 6 years in all driving schools in Switzerland, and allows you to be eligible for the exam that ends your driving licence.

You will find Samaritan courses in Switzerland given by different structures in Lausanne. Driving school, motorcycle school or emergency rescue school, it's up to you to make your choice. In all cases, your intervener will be a health care professional. Feel free to ask questions, it's part of the training! Through theoretical presentations, videos, demonstrations or role-playing exercises (role-playing on models), you will benefit from a complete and fast teaching. This training is intended to be interactive and friendly, there is no way to leave you alone in front of a sheet of paper. The end of the training sometimes ends with a knowledge test, but it is your attendance at the courses that will mainly be rewarded.

XL Conduite Samaritan course centres in Lausanne Switzerland is a great success in preparing you for your driving licence.

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